Reminder for 9/16/12 Class

by Charles Laux on September 15, 2012

Hello String Project Parents,

We are so excited about the string project!  The students have made progress beyond what we expected on the first day!

Just a last minute reminder for tomorrow:

We are changing rooms to provide a bigger space!  We will now be in Wilson Building, room 114, starting at 2:00 PM.  This is the building right next to the music building.  You will enter in the east door, that says Stillwell Theater.  There will be signs to help you find your way!

Please be sure your child is prepared each class with:

1. Instrument and Bow

2. Essential Elements 2000 method book

3. Accessories (rosin, shoulder rest for violin/viola, rockstop for cello/bass)

4. Pencil

5. Music Stand

In addition, I would like to take volunteers to bring in snacks (store bought cookies or similar treats) to feed about 30 people.  Mrs. Champion provided snacks on the first class, and I will provide snacks tomorrow.  We are hoping that at least one parent will volunteer to pick up some goodies each week.  If you are interested let me know, and I’ll make a schedule (and will remind you when it is your week).

Thank you!  Looking forward to tomorrow!

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