Weekly Practice Guide 10/14/12

by Charles Laux on October 15, 2012

Practice Lightly Row Pizzicato

Practice Bow Hold on the frog with long bows, use the pictures on page 16 as a guide

Practice all of pages 10 and 11 pizzicato, with CD accompaniment, especially the D scale

Practice Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star by rote

Remember it has three sections A, B, A (or bread, peanut butter, bread)

Parents, Please let your child figure this out independently if possible, but if they need help the notes for the A section are

D, D, A, A, B, B, A–     G, G, F#, F#, E, E, D–

The notes for the B section are A, A, G, G, F#, F#, E–     A, A, G, G, F#, F#, E– then the A section repeats.

It was a great class! Happy practicing!

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