KSU String Project First Class tomorrow!

by Charles Laux on September 14, 2013

Welcome KSU String Project Parents and Students!!

We are thrilled to begin our second year of the KSUSP and hope that you are excited to begin!  Our first class will start tomorrow, Sunday, September 15 starting at 1:30 PM.  We will meet in room 114 of the Wilson Building, which is the same place you met the music vendors at our informational meeting.  There will be signs helping you find the right place.

Parking is open and free on Sundays at KSU.  Click for details.

We will work with Prelude students on preparing their instruments (applying finger tapes), discussing care & maintenance, and some basic playing skills! Students should make sure they have their instrument, folding music stand, and a pencil for class.  If they are missing something the first day, don’t worry. Overture (2nd year) students should bring their Essential Elements books.  We will be playing right away!
Each week we have a snack break in the middle of the class so that students can socialize and energize for the second half of class.  For tomorrow’s class Mr. Laux will provide snacks and we will have a sign-up sheet for parents to bring snacks for future weeks.  Usually parents bring cookies, small bags of chips, etc.  We ask that you refrain from bringing items with peanuts or other tree nuts.
Class will conclude at 3:15 PM.  We ask that parents are prompt when picking up their child.  Parents can feel free to stay and watch classes, but some parents choose to run errands, etc..  Either way is fine with us!
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!
Charles Laux

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