eNews #1 – 9/16/13

by Charles Laux on September 17, 2013

First Class Meeting

We had a wonderful first class meeting! It was great to meet all of the students and welcome back returning students. We are looking forward to a great year!


The KSUSP website hosts a lot of information, including a “Members Only” learning page that will provide students with resources for learning at home, accompaniments, and more.

Parents should visit the site below to sign up for snacks. Please check the dates you are AVAILABLE to bring snacks and a day will be assigned to you. As we have a larger class, we will ask several parents to bring snacks each day to lighten the burden.

Practice Guides
Each week we will post a practice guide so that students know what they should be working on at home.

Prelude students should have received a parts of the instrument worksheet and should complete that for next Sunday. There is a completed worksheet online on the “Members Only” area of the website.

Overture should be doing some D Major Scale review and working on Essential Elements book #91-92, we will also preview G string notes starting with #93 next week.

Next week Overture students should plan on reporting directly to room 119 and Prelude should continue to come to room 114/117.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

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