eNews #2 – 10/4/13

by Charles Laux on October 4, 2013

 I apologize about the tardiness of this newsletter, they are usually sent no later than each Tuesday.
Student Expectations
All student are expected to maintain positive behavior, similar to what might be expected at their school.  Last week we had several students throwing Goldfish snacks in the hallway during the break.  This type of behavior will not be tolerated.  Please reinforce behavioral expectations with your child.  All students should be respectful of each other and the facilities.  Thank you.


For parents who have brought in snacks, thank you.  The snack assignments for upcoming weeks are below.
Snack assignments by the week…  
10/6 – Catherine W., Jennifer B., Narmin A.
10/13 – ??, ??, ??
10/20 – Jennifer C., Beverly S., Myrlande V.
10/27 – Tola K., Sheron C., Nicole G.
11/3 – Margate C., ??, ??
11/10 – ??, ??, ??
11/17 – Kendra M., ??, ??
11/24 – Christian S., ??, ??
As you can see, we still need more volunteers to sign up for snacks. We still need snack volunteers for next week, 10/13.  If you have not signed up, please do so ASAP using this link:  http://doodle.com/vrksd8ts3gp3pp5e  If you could list your AVAILABLE weeks, I will then assign you a week to bring snacks.  You will not be assigned more than one week.
For snacks, there are a total of 42 students, and 10 staff.  Each week I will let the three volunteers work out how you would like to do it. In the past the students have had one item such as a small bag of chips, cookies, or fruit snacks.  Store-bought items are best.  Anything is fine and we really appreciate your help!
Prelude:  Student should be practicing their left hand shapes, and bow holds.
Overture: Practice the A and B parts of Can Can and the beginning to square C in Cinnamon.
As part of our concert uniform, we will order really cool KSUSP T-Shirts.  The shirts are $10.  We can accept checks made payable to KSU.  If a student has a t-shirt from a previous year, they will not need a new one (unless they have outgrown it, etc.).  The design will remain the same as last year.  Order forms are attached and will be handed out on Sunday and we would like them returned the following Sunday, 10/13.
We are having a great time working with your child and hope they are having a fun time in String Project!

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