Practice Guide – 2/9/14

by Charles Laux on February 10, 2014


  • D and G scales
  • Frere Jacque from Essential Elements Book
  • Two Terrific Tunes- arco
  • Bridge to MacDonalds- arco
  • French Folk Song, arco
  • When the Saints Go Marching in – pizzicato
  • Soul Strings- Pizzicato


  • G major scale.
  • #144-148 in EE – C string notes.
  • 157-161 E string notes
  • Banana boat song
  • Soul strings –
  • Students will be having a “playing test” on the bowings in soul strings in the violins and the melody section in the cellos.  We will be holding sectionals when we return.

Remember there is no KSUSP next week, we will see you on February 23!

We also shared summer orchestra camp information with students!


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