Instrument “Petting Zoo” and Informational Meeting

by Charles Laux on August 6, 2014

To prepare for the beginning of our new year, the KSU String Project will hold an “Instrument Petting Zoo” and information session on Tuesday, August 19 from 3:30 to 4:45 PM at Pitner Elementary School.  Please note that the KSU String Project is open to students from all schools, not just those attending Pitner Elementary.

This will allow Mr. Laux and Ms. Brown to acquaint students and parents with the program, discuss instrument rental, and allow students to get hands on to try out the different instruments.

If you are at all interested in playing a stringed instrument, please plan on attending!  If you are not able to make the event it is okay — you can still be a part of the string project.

Classes will start (with instruments!) the following Tuesday (August 26).


Note:  If this is a duplicate email, I apologize.  It should not happen again! 🙂

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