Being prepared for the first day of class

by Charles Laux on August 21, 2015

We are VERY excited to begin this semester with over 60 enrolled students, the largest enrollment in our short history! A few important details for our first class on Tuesday, August 25.

Please be sure to review the required supplies list below and please bring all of this to each class.

  1. Instrument & Bow with case
  2. Rosin (for the bow hair)
  3. Soft Cloth (for wiping instrument clean)
  4. Violinists and violists: Shoulder rest to help support the instrument on the shoulder. We recommend “rigid” style rests.  A foam/sponge style (held to the instrument with a rubber band) doesn’t usually work very well.
  5. Cellists and Bassists: Rock Stop to prevent floor damage and slipping.
  6. A folding music stand (there are no music stands at the schools).
  7. Replacement strings (if at all possible)
  8. Pencil
  9. Essential Elements for Strings, Book 1 (see photo). Be sure to purchase the book for your instrument.

It is extremely important that EVERYTHING is labeled with the student’s name.  Typically the music store will provide a name tag for the instrument case, however students should also have their book, shoulder rest/rock stop, and music stand labeled too.  Many cases and accessories look the same.

In addition, tuition is due at the first class.  Please be sure that check for $50 is made payable to Kennesaw State University and that the student’s name and host site (MCAA or Pitner) is also on the check.  If you are not able to pay the entire tuition on Tuesday, please contact me so that we can make arrangements.  Our first priority is the safety and education of your child, not the tuition payment. 🙂  We want everyone to have the opportunity to experience the joy of playing a stringed instrument!

Our teachers for this semester are:

  • Pitner Beginner Class: David Metrio
  • Pitner Advanced Class: Kathryn Encisco
  • Pitner Teaching Assistant: Anthony Newmann
  • MCAA Beginner Class: Ms. Susan Brown (master teacher)
  • MCAA Teaching Assistants: Jackson Brischler, Susan Reyes, Michael Thomas, Kevin Williams

If you have been unable to obtain a quality instrument or your child is still unsure of what they would like to play, they can come to the first class without an instrument.  Hopefully being in the class will help them decide on exactly what they would like to play!

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have questions or concerns.

Musically yours,

Dr. Charles Laux




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