Notice for parents at MCAA site

by Charles Laux on September 15, 2015

1195442856621661490ryanlerch_child_and_parent_crossing_road_sign.svg.hiThis is an important message is for parents that drop off students at MCAA.

I was notified of a safety concern regarding drop off of students at MCAA. Last week there were children being dropped off in the busy car rider loop while the MCAA kids were being picked up after being released from school. String project students that being dropped off were crossing in front of cars in this area and it became an issue of student safety.

The MCAA staff in charge of car pool duty are not able to monitor children moving in both directions (away from the building and into cars and out of cars toward the building).

Parents: If you are dropping off at MCAA please into a parking space and either allow your child to walk in to the building or walk in with them. Please do not use the car pick up lane.

The safety of our children is always our primary concern. Thank you for your help and understanding in this matter.

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