Selecting an Instrument

One of the great things about the bowed string instruments is that they are available in fractional sizes to fit any person.  This allows students to start playing a string instrument at a very young age.

The instruments available in the KSU String Project are:


The violin is the smallest and highest sounding instrument in the string family.


The viola looks and plays like a violin, but is slightly larger with a warmer, deeper, and more mellow tone.


The cello is played sitting down.  It has a wide range with a tone that most resembles a human voice.

PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE AN INSTRUMENT FROM AN ONLINE AUCTION SITE, CRAIGSLIST, A DEPARTMENT STORE, ETC. WITHOUT CONSULTING US.  Poor quality instruments frustrate students and negatively impact a student’s progress.

In addition to the instrument and bow, students will also need a book and few accessories.  This list can be found here.

Learn more about where to obtain a quality instrument.



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