Essential Elements Interactive

eeiIncluded with the purchase of your Essential Elements book, is access to Essential Elements Interactive (EEi), an online resource that provides supplemental resources and practice tools for students at home.

The site offers instructional videos, learning resources, and the very cool EE Music Studio – a tool that allows students to have fun practicing and the ability to record and save their performances.

Students can access EEi by visiting on a computer, tablet, or even a smartphone. Students with iPads may also access the site via the iPad app, downloadable here.

Access to the site is enabled when students sign up for an account and enter their unique student code, located on the first page of the book. Because students are under 13 years of age, they should sign up with the help of a parent.

When signing up, it’s important to link your account to the KSU String Project that will allow Dr. Laux to share a variety of resources with students.  You can link your account by entering the school code: kennesawstrings.

Additionally, students can access streaming MP3 accompaniments tracks by visiting and entering the code from their book. The audio tracks may also be downloaded to computer for playback offline.

Please let Mr. Thibdeau know if you have questions about EEi.